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The processes and relationships in medium- and high-complexity projects usually require more sophisticated software tools for creating reporting diagrams and workflow charts. Microsoft Visio 2007 is available as a stand-alone program that sells for several hundred dollars. For medium-complexity projects, a free alternative to Visio is Open Office Draw. Open Office is a free software alternative that includes a word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing programs. The Open Office Draw program, and others like it, can create diagrams such as the one shown in Figure 6.5.

It has won a few awards for quickly becoming a favorite business app. It’s a nice project management software if you’re comfortable working in Excel but wants a break from complicated formulas—Smartsheet performs all the calculations for you across multiple sheets. You can also add customized brand logos and set color themes for individual projects. This web-based spreadsheet application is an excellent example of spreadsheet software for collaboration and sharing.

Instead of emailing spreadsheets back and forth, you can simply send out a link and then have other people edit the file with their comments and contributions. Similar to Excel, Zoho Sheet supports the use of macros and Pivot Tables which can be used to expedite analysis. In addition, the application offers a way to import and export data in the Excel file format for ease of cooperation with Excel users.

In the end, spreadsheet files become highly personalised user developed applications. s time for a new person to take Updated. Update is available through software own update system. Or get Whatsapp following this link. over as part of a large scale business change, the newcomer may have to start from scratch. Spreadsheets software is a software program designed for arranging, saving, and reviewing data in tables.

Initially invented to aid finance and accounting operations, spreadsheets have come to be commonly used in other areas. Spreadsheets softwareis a software program designed for arranging, saving, and reviewing data in tables.

  • The heart of the software, Bitrix24’s CRM helps you grow sales through improved conversion rates and automated marketing processes.
  • Rather than purchasing Zoho products individually , Zoho One acts as a bundle, allowing you to have all of those applications unified under one system.
  • Knack will let you quickly issue quotes, invoices, and reports to ensure your business is maximizing revenue.
  • The main draw of Zoho One is the 40 included business applications that are fully integrated with one another.

What Kinds Of Businesses Need Contact Management Software?

The system can offer digital modeling of paper accounting assignments. It can also have several communicating sheets portrayed in the document, numeric, or visual form with information. With any of this functionality, spreadsheet software, particularly in the business world, has substituted numerous paper-based systems.

Spreadsheet is a class of application software design to analyze tabular data called "worksheets". Online spreadsheets do not depend on a particular operating system but require a standards-compliant web browser instead. One of the incentives for the creation of online spreadsheets was offering worksheet sharing and public sharing or workbooks as part of their features which enables collaboration between multiple users. Some on-line spreadsheets provide remote data update, allowing data values to be extracted from other users’ spreadsheets even though they may be inactive at the time.


Airtable adds context to your data to make it easy to organize and reference. While seemingly simple, the spreadsheets can contain references within references to other spreadsheets to essentially create lightweight apps covering functions from CRMs to Project Management. It uses unique field types like attachments, checkboxes, drop downs, and links to records. You can view your data in different ways for better insights – calendar view for vital dates, gallery view to get a better sense of image attachments, Kanban to manage a project’s tasks, and grid . Spreadsheets are normally created by individuals who have not the slightest know-how regarding software documentation.

Working with spreadsheets is often connected to a lack of time and a high priority for organization. Alto’s professional team of software engineers works hard to make sure Alto is easy and comfortable for organizing whatever you need. With all the time Alto saves you, check out our other products on the PlayMarket or directly on to improve your document management processes and cupboard of tools. ClusterSeven locates the spreadsheets and EUC applications in use across your organization, identifies the relationships between them and their data lineage, and assesses the risks associated with them.

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